Project Goals

The 37 Stories project’s goal is to animate all thirty-seven parables of Jesus found in the New Testament. This project is unique in that it tries to balance a strong desire to be faithful to the stories while delivering a professional visually appealing product.


We are committed to being faithful to the stories as narrated by Jesus. These are God’s stories for the world and for all generations. They are entrusted to us not to muddle with them, but to faithfully expound and retell to the next generation.


We also are committed to using professional animators, voice actors, and musicians from around the world to deliver high-quality films.


We want to see these parables translated into as many languages as possible. As long as the gospel of Luke has been translated into a language, we have the script for most of the parables.

Why Parables?

Together as a whole, the parables represent a third of what the gospel writers recorded of Jesus’s public teaching. The parables are short, visual metaphors that Jesus used to teach people about himself, God’s kingdom, and what is to come.

Jesus, a master communicator, chose to speak to those outside the kingdom primarily using parables. Like the epic poems of Homer and Aesop’s fables, the parables are unique to Jesus and universally associated with him.

The parables do not use religious or theological language which can be confusing to many people. The parables use everyday, familiar objects that have cross-cultural significance—a father, a son, a coin, a sheep, a tree, and a good neighbor. They are memorable, and are stories that can be enjoyed on a surface level; but for those who have ears to hear, they convey deep spiritual meaning (Luke 8)