The Prodigal Son Dubbing Instructions – English

The Prodigal Son is a short-animated film taken directly from the Gospel of Luke.  If Luke’s gospel is already translated into your target language, then you have the script for The Prodigal Son.  We would like to make this video available to be dubbed into hundreds of languages.  After the dub is finished you can embed it on your website, put it on Facebook, or on microSD cards.  The only thing we ask from you is to send us yearly stats and how you are using the video.

The Prodigal Son video narration is broken up into 22 verses.  You can record it all together as they read it but then split it by verse, or record 22 separate clips. See the Prodigal Son English Script to see the verse numbers based on the speaking part.  The video is six minutes in length, and the total English recording time is 3.5 minutes.  So, there should be plenty of quiet space to work in your language.

When you’re ready to record, make sure you have a quiet room and a close mic.  Use the best microphone that you have access to.  Keep the audio in the range of -12 to -6 dB.  Please do not include any peaking portions going over 0 dB on the recorder (the red region).

Clip and name the files according to the line numbers given in the document:

  1. Save the 22 separate audio files as WAV or AIFF, do not send MP3.
  2. Name the files prodigal-1-english.wav, prodigal-2-english.wav, etc. Change ‘english’ to the target language.
  3. Send the files via Dropbox, Google Drive, Hightail, or other. 
  4. Send us a copy of the Prodigal-Son-Script-English.doc with the new translation.  We want to keep a library of the scripts for each language to offer to others who may be interested in a related language.
  5. We need a title for the video in the target language.  We used “The Prodigal” for English.  You might choose to use “The Lost Son,” “The Two Lost Sons,” or something else.
  6. If you wish to use the 50-second Teaser you need to translate:  “Two Sons … Both are Lost”

We will work on getting your video compiled and back to you in about a week, so you can view it and see if there are any changes in timing that need to be made.


37stories Team