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The Prodigal is now in 74 languages! Find yours on Vimeo or Youtube.  If we are missing your language, write to us below.

Here are a few of the latest videos.

Den fortabte søn – Danish Prodigal

Danish is spoken by about 6 million people mostly from Denmark and Greenland. It is a Germanic language closely related to Norwegian and Swedish.

Prodigal in Shor

Аастығ чöрген оолБлудный сын - Шор тилиProdigal Son - Shor The Shor language (шор тили, тадар тили) is a Turkic language spoken by about 2,800 people in a region called Mountain Shoriya, in the Kemerovo Province in Southwest Siberia,...

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Contact us if you want to help us make the next animation in the series. Or if you want to see the Prodigal dubbed into another language.